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providing expertise to the industry with focus on product development  from concept to implementation  



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Evolve Consulting Group Logo O Green.png


  • Dry, wet, treats, supplements

  • New formulations

  • Formula maintenance

  • Formula optimization 

  • Complex, multi step, high  meat formulations 

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  • Manufacturing contacts

  • Plant optimization 

  • Equipment contacts

  • Plant audit prep 

  • Business management 


  • Concept design

  • Ingredient sourcing

  • Product test run

  • Product verification 

    • Lab analysis​

    • Stool quality

    • Palatability

    • AAFCO feeding 

  • Technical marketing and sales support

Evolve Consulting Group Logo O Green.png


  • Ingredient development

    • Lab analysis​

    • Regulatory labeling

    • 3rd party research 

  • Technical sales support materials

  • Unique process stream/co-product evaluation

  • Sourcing and cost optimization 

Evolve Consulting Group Logo O Green.png

Technical Services​

  • Ingredient Declaration 

  • Ingredient Labeling 

  • Guaranteed Analysis 

  • Claims Development and Support

  • Feeding Studies

    • AAFCO​

    • Palatability

    • Stool Quality

    • Acceptability 

  • Regulatory Support ​

Areas of Expertise


Our goal is to set your pet food business up for innovation, growth and success.  In an effort to serve our clients to the highest degree, we strive to be nimble, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. We like the fast-paced energy of creating solutions that meet your goals. 


 With over 35 years of combined experience in the pet food industry, we are uniquely positioned to utilize our past experiences to provide solutions. Having held prominent positions within an innovative, privately held, start up pet food company, we had the opportunity to develop market defining new products. We procured and qualified ingredients previously not used in the pet food industry, allowing us to develop and formulate products cutting edge to the market. 

During our tenure we helped to oversee exponential growth of the brands through procurement, formulation, process development, sales and marketing. Providing documentation and guidance during the acquisition of an innovative pet food company enables us to provide guidance for start up companies as they work to achieve their growth goals.  

Working on the raw material supply side of the pet food industry allowed us to make a variety of industry contacts while developing and qualifying new ingredients and raw material streams into the market.  We were able to support the development of materials through scientific review, University testing, processing and lab analysis. 

We want to help companies, no matter their size, to understand what formulations, processes or ingredients might work best to achieve their results. Whether you're looking for a full-spectrum consultation or help with a project, we are eager to let our history and knowledge go to work for you. 

Our Vision


Cooper, Kent 9-18.jpg

Kent has over two decades of experience in the pet food industry. Kent's vast knowledge of raw materials, raw material supply, procurement, plant processes, product development and project management will help your company create successful solutions. 

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Schole, Lisa 9-18.jpg

Lisa provides more than 15 years of experience in the pet food industry, focusing on developing innovative finished products and raw materials. From product development to formulation to ingredient development, Lisa will work to provide you solutions to your technical support needs.

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